Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Sun getting rested in the lap of thorny bushes!

Sunset seen from the road when we travelled to go to Ramtek.
This Autumn Break we(off-course Dr.Ganesh Dhamodkar and me) decided to go for weekend to Ramtek and places nearby it. I just had reached to Nagpur that day(on 2nd October 2011) and had not rested for a while, Dr. Ganesh reached home and without getting late anymore we decided to leave the place because we wanted to reach the destination before getting dark. While travelling towards Kamptee we could see the beautiful sunset from the road. I thought to have some snaps and one of them I am posting here. We had a lot of fun and all the memorable moments have been captured in both of ours cameras.
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Monday, October 17, 2011

A Puppet Dance is being Performed in Annual Day Function of KV Jamuna Colliery.
The Annual Day was held in April 2011 in KV Jamuna Colliery.
Many dances, acts and cultural activities were performed during the function.
As per KVS guidelines every year Annual Day is to be conducted in every Kendriya Vidyalaya across India.

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

KV SECL Jamuna Colliery

Kendriya Vidyalaya SECL Jamuna Colliery.

This Kendriya Vidyalaya is in Kotma Taluk of Anuppur District of MP State.
It is a Hard Station declared by Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, New Delhi.
A place is full of nature's beauty, peace everywhere, pollution free and less populated.
Though it's a Project School of SECL(South Eastern Coalfields Limited) it is completely dust free.
The nearest railway station is Kotma(about 7 kms) and bus stand Badra(about 4 kms). It's approximately 40 kms away from Anuppur. State Bank of India has it's branch in Jamuna Colliery. Nearest Gas Agency Indane is just 4 kms away at Bhalumara.
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Kalidasa Smarak, Ramtek.

Kalidas Smarak, Ramtek.

Kalidas Smarak, a memorial in Ramtek Taluk of Nagpur District.
It is said that Kalidasa completed his epic Meghdootam, one of his most famous works  here. Inside the Smarak there are few paintings of Kalidasa's Works.
Now a days it is a tourist destination in Ramtek. Now there is an another Om Smarak is developed into which some inscriptions of Kalidasa's Meghdootam are written.
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Fishes in the pot

Fish-pot in Telangkhedi Garden of Nagpur.
Telangkhedi Garden-A famous Garden in Nagpur.
An aquarium in the garden exhibits different species of fishes kept there.
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A flower showing Nature's Beauty.

The first post to this blog.
This flower was shot when I was working in Kasaragod, District HQ Place of Kerala State.
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